Crown Hotel, Langholm

We could write a book on the history of the hotel but here is a brief history to titivate you,

Built, in 1809 the hotel has seen many changes but still retains its own traditions. This includes the Common Riding which takes place on the last Friday in July. The hotel has always been integral to this with the Castle Craigs Club who were established in 1935 and have be head-quarterd at the hotel for the duration, the hotel is also home to the Common Riding, In the bar and entrance of the hotel, there are boards with the names of all the cornets from 1817 to the present day. It is worth noting that the Cornet in 1820 was the Inn Keeper of the Crown, as well as this being the first year the ride was done on horseback. We are proud to still be part of these traditions and hope to continue the traditions of the Inn keepers that came before us. 

Please ask the team about this and we will be happy to talk to you about the Common Riding, and it's traditions.